Domestic Wastes Recycling Plants, consists of daily waste of people collected from homes in general. The collection of these wastes is carried out by municipalities or private organizations. After the collection, it consists of daily items such as glass, plastic, metals, non-metallic textiles,organics and paper.

By separating the desired products after efficient separation processes, these mixed piles of garbage can be a valuable addition to the economy.Wastes that can not be a valuable addition to the economy can be evaluated in RDF plants.

If organic waste is required, it can be returned to nature by using compost and fertilizer production.

As HSK, the following product groups are used in the domestic recycling plants to prepare the most efficient capacity plants according to the economic and population structure of the region.

  • Bag Openers
  • Conveyors
  • Elimination Systems (Trommel Screens, Disc Screens)
  • Magnetic Separators
  • Air Sorting
  • Sorting Platforms

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