In our age , where epidemics and infections are intense ,it is very important to dispose of wastes from many health institutions such as hospitals, medical centers and clinics without contacting healthy people.

Medical waste collected by authorized institutions or municipalities is disposed through a two-stage system. The first of these stages is the shredding process. A double shaft shredder system is used in the shredding process. Wastes that are shredded at hight torque are subjected to sterilization as the second stage. In this process, hazardous wastes are disposed of after sterilization process performed using pressure and temperature.

Some medical wastes are as follows;

  • Disposable gloves, test tubes, disposable gowns, medical dressing equipments.
  • Laboratory hazardous waste as a result of research activities and bacteriological diagnoses.
  • Needles, syringes, scalpels.
  • Organs and body parts that exposed as a result of surgery.
  • Empty containers.
  • Expired drugs.
  • Chemical waste materials.