Refuse Derived Fuel (RDF) Plants

The purpose of recycling is to use the valuable energy that found in waste and to protect the environment and contribute to the economy by replacing fossil fuels.

HSK provides special technologies,processes and equipment to convert waste into energy. This includes shredding, sifting, classification and equipment.

During the recycling process, parts of high calorific value are reusable, separated from other product groups and prepared for fuel in industrial plants and ovens.This plants are called Refuse Derived Fuel (RDF) preparation plants.

Paint which is decomposed as industrial waste and cannot be used again, textiles, paper, waste mud with sufficient caloric value, waste such as plastic support the economy and environmental protection in RDF plants.

Waste required for RDF plants can be used not only with industrial waste, but also in remaining waste after the separation of municipal waste.

Depending on the calorific value and grain size, these fuels are often used in heat-needed plants such as cement factories or fuel power plants.

RDF plants can undergo different porcesses according to the desired grain size and caloric values as input and output product type. These operations can be single step or multiple step.

Single Step RDF Plants;

  • Final Shredding and Sizing process

Multiple Step RDF Plants;

  • Pre-Shredding Process
  • Elimination and Decomposition
  • Magnetic Separation
  • Secondary Shredding and Sizing

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