Waste Tire Recycling is the process of converting old tires with expired life into material that can be used in new products or especially in other processes.

Expired tires are typically candidates for recycling when they are no longer functional due to corrosion or damage and are no longer reprocessed or reused.

The tires, which are environmentally , health , burn and financially hazard to the world when not recycled, but it can be used in a wide range when recycled.

With the release of steel wire in its structure, its contribution to the economy is increasing exponentially.

Apart from its re-use as raw materials and fuel use in industrial plants, they can easily be converted into electrical energy with conveniently designed Pyrolysis plants.


  • Rubber Raw Material/Latex
  • Playgrounds and Tartan Track
  • In Power Plants with Pyrolysis Plants
  • Road Construction and Civil Work
  • Fuel in Industrial Plants

As HSK, we are one of the companies that has established the most tire recycling plant in Turkey, we provide services to our customers with our experience and suitable designs.

With small number of staff and low energy costs, we recycle unused tires in the desired capacity and size and bring them to the economy.

Waste Tire Recyling Plants Photo Gallery

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