Ballistic Type Separators

System Specifications:

  • The system features fragmented screen palettes with eccentric mobility. These pallets provide a perfect separation with their independent eccentric geometric movements.
  • With ballistic type separators, groups of products with planar and light structure from the volume and heavy product groups are effectively and easily divided.
  • As a result of eccentric movement, unwanted small-grain components are separated from the product groups, while cleaning process is also applied.
  • The system angle can be changed manually or hydraulically.
  • Three groups of products are obtained from the product groups transferred to the system.

-First Group: Heavy materials with a bulky structure that can roll like tin cans, glass bottles and pet bottles.

-Second Group: Nylon film, paper, cardboards and textile group products with planar and light structure.

-Third Group: Small grain components that can pass through the gap based on the openness of screen palettes.