HPC – Crusher Systems

HPC Crusher Systems are designed for small size crushing processes in different product groups with its 3-5-7 sequential polar built rotor structure, which can be made at variable angles.


  • The 3-5-7 sequential powerful polar structure rotor provides working with higher torques. Rotor width can range from 600 mm to 2000 mm.
  • Depending on your product type, with maximum grabbing range and between fixed-rotary blades maximum cutting angle that found in rotor is high in efficiency.
  • It is used to size the most compelling and different product groups.
  • Fixed blade structure with its adjustable feature, maximum cutting processes can be done.
  • With its adjustable and easy replacable blade structure, blade replacement is effortless.
  • Provides the most suitable staff – maintenance costs for your operational costs.
  • Special bearings that processed in CNC machines with using monoblock materials are designed to meet the compelling working conditions.
  • Hydraulic driven upper chamber and screen chamber is easy to reach for cleaning and maintenance.
  • The system is prevented from reaching to undesirable temperatures with the water cooling feature that located in the upper body of where the crushing process is performed.
  • With desired power capacity, single drive or double drive can be used.


  • Waste tyre recycling plants.
  • Electronic waste recycling.
  • Plastic mallet waste recyling plants.