HPG – Granulator Systems

HPG Granulator Systems are designed for shredding of the most demanding products to small sizes with a powerful rotor structure and special blade design.

Granulator systems that can operate at medium and high speeds with changeable screen structure,  can perform sizing and shredding in different sizes with single machine.


  • Designed to perform the highest torque at any speed with its solid rotor structure.
  • Different types of blades can be attached to special slots that machined in CNC machines on solid rotor. Maximum blade life is aimed due to the high hardness and strength of the blade structure.
  • Blades with different structures can be attached to special slots that processed in CNC machines on the solid rotor. With its high toughness and strength, maximum blade life obtained.
  • Rotary and fixed blades assembly and disassembly procedures are easy. Rotary blades does not need any setting. Fixed blades are easy to set up. High efficiency obtained with a short number of staff.
  • With required power capacity, single drive or double drive can be used.
  • High efficiency can be obtained by using accurate cutting angle between fixed and rotating blades.
  • The system is prevented from reaching to undesirable temperatures with the water cooling feature that located in the upper body of where the shredding process is performed.
  • Hydraulic driven upper chamber and screen chamber is easy to reach for cleaning and maintenance.
  • Special bearings that processed in CNC machines with using monoblock materials are designed to meet the compelling working conditions.


  • Waste tyre recycling plants.
  • Electronic waste recycling.
  • Plastic mallet waste recyling plants.