HSR – Ripper Shredders

HSR Ripper Shredder systems are structurally smilar to double shaft shredder systems, although they vary in blade structure and operating speed. Ripper shredders performs high capacity in proper materials with multiplet-blade at fast speeds.


  • System strength has been maximized with the shaft system that made of high quality steel with polygon structure.
  • High torques are obtained with low power consumption.
  • Blades manufactured from wear resistant material, which can be designed according to different product groups, are long-lasting. It is easy to repair and replace.
  • Different revolutions and blade structures can be selected depending on the product type.
  • The extra strength body structure is suitable for many years.
  • With the ampere protection system, the blades work counter-cutting direction at the time of compression and continue to work towards cutting with the level of ampere coming to normal levels. In this way, the system protects itself against overloads.


  • Tree, wood and vegetable wastes.
  • Paper and cardboard wastes.
  • Plastic and PVC product groups.
  • Textile wastes.
  • Paperwork disposal procedures.
  • Electronic waste recycling.
  • Medical waste disposal plants.